Year 11 Work Experience

March 21, 2024

Our Year 11 students undertook a week’s work experience from 4th-8th of March. Eleven students travelled to Ballarat to work at a variety of workplaces, four travelled to Hamilton, Kyabram Melbourne and Swan Hill and one remained in Donald.

Students worked in the fields of kindergarten, personal care, childcare, education, hair and beauty, fitness, retail, accountancy, building and construction, civil engineering, butchering, steel fabrication, animal care and work safety.

Not only did the students gain insight into future careers but they learnt about commuting to work via the Ballarat bus system. Despite some fears and missed buses, all successfully found their destinations and gained much self-confidence. They also learnt about early starts, meal planning, wearing appropriate work attire and the sometimes challenging routine of work. Even though some students worked in an occupation or workplace that may not suit them, they all learnt something about themselves and working amongst people they previously had not.

In the evenings, students got to eat out and go to the movies and bowling, and for some, an opportunity to catch up with family and friends.

Mr Rigby and Mrs Medlyn, the teachers accompanying the students to Ballarat, received nothing but positive comments on the way the students conducted themselves and were very pleased and proud of the student’s attitude and achievements.

All students received very positive employer evaluations for their work. Several were also offered apprenticeships. Very well done to all of you.

– Geoff Rigby and Karen Medlyn