Year 9 Bushwalk Camp

May 2, 2024

In the last week of Term 1, 14 Year 9 students and 3 staff members tackled 4 days of bushwalking in the beautiful Grampians National Park. We were very lucky with the weather, sneaking in three perfect days of 23, 23 & 22 degrees for walking in, prior to some hot weather arriving just in time for Easter.

This year we did have one student injure their ankle on day 1 and plenty of students needed strapping for sore ankles or blisters. However, we do consider ourselves lucky to escape without any serious injuries.

This camp involves carrying all the necessary gear, tents, cooking equipment, food and clothes, for the week in their hiking pack and hike a total of 40km around the township of Halls Gap. It is not a camp for the fainthearted and requires a lot of training and preparation.

Once arriving back in Halls Gap all students and staff enjoyed an ice cream and a well-earned meal at the Halls Gap hotel. We hope all are able to take something away from this experience, whether it sparks their interest in hiking and the great outdoors or was just something to tick off the bucket list.

Regardless, we hope all feel really proud of what they have achieved.

Thanks to Mr Cashin, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Russell for going on this camp.